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Rookie Training

60 images 9€

4 Responses to Rookie Training

  • A Valerie fan says:

    Again great work with the Valerie model! I hope there will be even be more adventures with her on the police forces or in the club. Any idea when there maybe more of her in the near future/ideals of others types of “trouble” she may get into?

    • vaesark says:

      I don’t know yet, but I may pair her up with another officer to train new rookies. But this is just one of many possibilities.

  • Lucas771 says:

    One of your best sets in a long while, I just miss your curvy drow matron from back in the day :'(

    • vaesark says:

      welp, it wont be a Drow, but the next set will have the curviest girl that I ever did. I’ll post some previews on the blog, probably tomorrow.

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