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17 Responses to Contact

  • thor says:

    Hi Vaesark,

    I am a big fan of yours. As such I would like to know if you can build a 3D-face from a photo of a girl. Actually it´s not about the face alone but I would love to have her rendered in 3D. Then I would like you to create some nasty pictures with her with dogs, horses whatever…

    How much does it cost if you rebuild a girl in 3D from some photos if her face should appear almost real?

    Kind regards


    I would love to that girl to do some real weird stuff.

    • vaesark says:

      Hi Thor, check your inbox, I’ve sent you an email regarding your question.

      • Thor says:

        Hi Vaesark,

        can you please send me an info how much it costs to build a 3D-face from a photo of a girl – see above. I guess it is more work than just setting up pictures with pre-configured characters – that´s why I am asking. Waiting for your answer

  • vaesark says:

    I’ve sent you 2 emails but apparently none of them got to you,
    Anyway, this is what I was saying:

    “I’m not very good at making 3D versions of real people and I wouldn’t do it unless I had explicit permission from the person that would be the reference model.

    The only work that I’ve done based on a real girl is the character “Debbie”, you can check it at HentaiFoundry if you want:


  • Mark Twain says:

    Have you ever considered discounting older sets?

  • banpei says:

    Your stuff is INCREDIBLE! I thought I was decent, but your stuff is out of this world!

    I have a few questions, if you don’t mind?

    1: Do you use Poser? If so, how do you get the fading in the background? Or is that done post-render in Photoshop?
    2: Where do you find all your penis figures? They’re so detailed!

    • vaesark says:

      I use carrara 8 pro for the scene composition, but the renders are done in octane, which is the one that does the depth of field effect. For the penises… send me an email and I’ll get you the links.

  • Kyle says:

    Varsarek, man… incredible stuff.
    I know you’re probably loaded down with custom set orders (a good sign), but I’d like to buy one as well, maybe a gif or two and short video. But not all at once!☺

    • vaesark says:

      Hi, i’m glad that you like my stuff but at the moment I can’t make any custom work.

      In any case I always take all suggestions into consideration, so if you have any ideas you can always send them to my email.

  • Kyle says:

    How about your slender, short haired, small (almost flat) chested Drow having a train run on her by 10 to 12 beasts/monsters/creatures/demons (some four legged, some four armed ?)while chained up, (to a stone table or some kind of wood or metal frame) magicly cleaned by Sorcerer after each cumshot while he faps in a corner. The last one who takes her gives her a bit of thrust bulge and they cum together. She’s left with bloodshot eyes rolled back, lids half closed, slack jawed, with a tiny trickle of blood running from her nose, the torture/pleasure being too much for her.
    Just a thought I’d be willing to pay for.

  • Sawyer says:

    Hi Vaesark
    i like all you works so much.Especially the last girl in Dämonenstein this is my favorite.I really wish I could see her works again.

  • Wyll Scarlett says:

    Hi Vaesark 🙂
    Hope all is well and that your year is starting out good! I absolutely love your works, especially the dog arts and Avril! I would love to see a remake of your “Bitch in Heat” artwork! I was curious if you do any commissions of any type? Feel free to email me whenever.

  • Flo says:

    Who is the Fallen six??

  • kyle dross says:

    Hi Vaesark, I hope you’e doing well.
    How do I go about asking to commission you for a job? I have something in mind for your Inala model, the black one, Drow.

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